Speaking Themes

Niall has a diverse insight into many areas of personal, social & faith develop, due to his own life story, trainning & the opportunities afford him over the 20 years of ministry life. Here are a few samples of topics Niall is experience in speaking on & in training others in.

1. Leaving the Hurt Locker -(re-thinking freedom)

2. Relationships & Sexuality

3. Issues surrounding sexual addiction, pornography, rehabilitation & relapse.

4. Understanding boundaries

5. Hearing God & discernment

6. Having God’s heart.

7. Cultural changes & faith in this context

8. Faith in a post conflict society. (A polite a-partite)

9. Building unity

  1. A heart for mission
  2. Being with God – Practicing the Presence of God. Our sacred space. Being replenished.
  3. What to do when you’ve messed up.

Knowing about verses Accepting forgiveness.

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